Down The Rabbit Hole @ Sin City, Swansea, United Kingdom

Down The Rabbit Hole

Sin City, Swansea, United Kingdom

Saturday 29 April  10:00 PM
£6.00   Entry Requirements: 18+
Entry Requirements: 18+
Down The Rabbit Hill (First Release) (e-ticket)
$8.51 (+$1.42 S/C)
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Down The Rabbit Hole 2nd Release (e-ticket)
$9.93 (+$1.42 S/C)
Entry Requirements: 18+

"Imagination is the greatest weapon against reality", courtesy of Mad Hatter House Productions we promise you something fresh! We hereby invite you to something quite wonderful, and quite mad!
We have transformed Sin City, with six impossible things we thought of before breakfast. " bringing our imagination to life is the wonderful, the mad, the renowned Pyratrix Circus! The creators of Alice in Wasteland and regulars at boomtown.
Expect; Filthy Beats, live performers, musicians, actors, paint, jam tarts and madness - just don't let the Queen catch you or it will be "off with your heads!" -
Loose your mind and entice the senses down the rabbit hole of wonder, bring your curiosity and your imagination, we're all mad here! Fancy Dress up or dress down.
Saturday 29 April 2017.
Techno, DNB and UK Grime