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If you would like to book the venue for an event, please take a look at the information below and send an email as instructed to – once we have this information we’ll be able to help you put on a great event for all of your guests. 


Firstly, we need to know who you are, so please include your name, company name, and a contact telephone number.

Sin City is capable of providing equipment for almost any event; in the past, as well as being a nightclub, we have also been a gym, a cinema, a conference venue and have even held a wedding reception! We need to know what sort of event you are planning to hold, how many people you are hoping will attend and what day and time you would like to hold your event.

Please have a look at our venue technical specifications, this lists all the equipment we currently have in use at the venue. Your booking fee will include use of any of this equipment, but as we can hold a range of events, we will need advance notice of what you will need, we have staff available to help you work this out, but if you are booking a line up of bands, we will need to know the bands technical rider as soon as possible.


For first time promoters at the venue we will require a booking fee paid in advance of doors opening for your event. This booking fee covers venue hire, bar staff for your event, a professional sound engineer, a professional lighting engineer, SIA licensed security for the duration of your event, as well as use of the venue equipment.

Crew can also be provided to help your bands load in and out, but this is an extra cost, so please let us know if you would like to add this on or if you will be providing this service yourself. We are also able to provide a member of box office staff, but again, this will be at an extra cost.

Once the venue hire fee is paid, that’s it… there are no further hidden costs! You keep all the money you make from your event and we operate the bar service. This means that promoter and venue are on even footing and it is as much in our interest for your event to be popular as it is yours!


Please click HERE to download our technical specifications.

Sin City Top Room Floor Plan

Sin City Main Room Floor Plan

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